When open, the Barbara Espey Memorial Café’s mission will be to equip teens with the tools they need to become productive young adults in our community. The food service industry is the number one employer of young people aged 16 to 18. Through culinary arts internships, the Café will instill principles in the teens that not only make them strong candidates for employment but help them find their place in the world. As teens are integrated into the food service business, they will learn the importance of being on time, working within a team, accountability, and the life long lesson of hard work yielding rewards.

They will also be trained in all aspects of the food service industry including food preparation, service, ordering and inventory, bookkeeping, and facility maintenance. Their Café experience will pique the teens’ interest in further study of the field. Proceeds generated from the Café will be used to maintain Café operations and to fund an ongoing Barbara Espey Memorial Culinary Arts Scholarship for which successful internship graduates may apply.

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