Intensive Case Management (ICM)

Intensive Case Management (ICM)

The Children’s Home provides Intensive Case Management (ICM) services to children living in Jefferson County experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties. Services include Strength-Based Assessments, Individualized Service Planning, Case Coordination and Transition Planning.

The goal of ICM services is to reduce the risk of out-of-home placement of children and minimize the use of emergency mental health services by effectively linking the child and family to community services.

Child ICM is best suited for youth under the age of 18 years who:

  • Have a diagnosed or diagnosable mental or emotional condition (Axis I); and
  • Have severe behavior problems, although not dangerous, which results in management problems in the home, school, and/or community; or
  • Are at risk of serious physical or emotional harm due to the parent(s) or caretaker(s) emotional, physical or financial condition, which seriously impairs his or her ability to care for the child.


  • Strength-Based Assessments: Case Managers sit with each family and complete assessments in order to help families identify their strengths and needs.
  • Individualized Service Plans:  Based on the results of the assessment process, Case Managers assist the family in developing a plan of action specific to each family which uses family strengths to address identified needs with the broad goal of enhancing the quality of life.
  • Case Coordination: Case Managers link families to the community-based services, which are identified in the Individualized Service Plan.
  • Transition Planning: As part of the planning process, Case Managers work with each child and family to ensure a plan is also in place which will help the family continue accessing needed services and supports as the child transitions into adulthood.
  • Face-to-Face Contacts: ICM Case Managers provide a minimum of four face-to-face contacts for the child and family each month, with additional contacts provided as needed.

Child ICM was first introduced in Jefferson County in 2001. These services were provided through the NYS New Initiatives Funding program aimed at reducing out-of-home placements and use of emergency mental health services.

In 2004, the Children’s Home was contracted to provide ICM services to children and families in Jefferson County. Children’s Home ICM Case Managers work with children and families in developing and utilizing community supports that directly impact the family’s ability to maintain the child in the home and reduce the need for emergency mental health services.


Jefferson County’s Single Point of Access (SPOA) is the process whereby children and their families are linked to services which best meet their needs. The SPOA process is specifically designed to serve children 17 years of age or under who are experiencing mental or behavioral difficulties.

Family members, school personnel or any community agency employee with whom the family has contact may refer a child for services. Referrals for services are sent to the SPOA Coordinator, who gathers information by reviewing referral forms and conducting intake interviews with the child and family. The SPOA Coordinator then presents the information to the SPOA Committee.

The SPOA Committee consists of representatives from area service providers. Meetings are held two times per month, where the Committee reviews the child’s intake information and determines eligibility for services and appropriate level of care. The child’s parents/guardians and any representative at their discretion are encouraged to attend and actively participate in the SPOA Committee meeting. Through this process, community based service providers are identified and assigned that assist the child and family in meeting identified needs. Jefferson County maintains an open referral system. Anyone in the community who has knowledge of a child and family experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties may, with the family’s approval, submit a referral to the SPOA Coordinator on behalf of the family.

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